segunda-feira, 4 de novembro de 2013

Tempos Medievais advertising space!

Hello there!!

Yes, the guy is alive! Not much time for the hobby now, but that doesn't mean I stopped thinking about it!

So, I've been living in Toronto for more than two months now, but all I could see was this shop, Sunward Hobbies. Not much figures of my interest at the time, but it seemed they had recently moved and were still setting things there. However, the Pegasus Alpha Centauri UFOs don't come out of my head! :D It seems I'll take one to Portugal... About that, it bugs me that what I would pay for that in Portugal (probably by ordering it by internet) is the same as I will(?) pay here. Consider the wages in Portugal and the ones here... no wonder life in Portugal became so hard! (and yes, I know I am writing about a hobby, but take it as an exemple)

Well, speaking of Portugal, my friend Rui already had his online shop for his books, now he moved on into figures (28, 18 and 15mm) and accessories. So, the link is on your right, Tempos Medievais Store is growing and you are free to visit it.

Ora bem, se já conheciam a loja Tempos Medievais, saibam que agora podem também encomendar figuras (28, 18 e 15mm) e produtos de modelismo. Vale a pena visitar, e voltar a visitar, porque a loja está a crescer e as novidades vão aparecendo!