sexta-feira, 31 de maio de 2013

More Foot Guards and some crazy blogger's giveaway

2 light companies (10 figures) from the 2nd Batt. 2nd Regiment Foot Guards and 2nd Batt. 3rd Reg. Foot Guards.
The first figure is from HaT's British Peninsular Infantry, and there are a few from A Call to Arms and the others from ESCI.
Back to that officer, I painted him as a surgeon, but the jacket is not exactly the same... I don't know which rank is supposed to represent, but he will be the surgeon present at Hougoumont during the firts moments of Waterloo.
Now, I am doing the bases.

No, I am not! I've been jumping from blog to blog... And found Exiles Wargames Painter.
Not that I paint the same things Mr. James Brewerton does, but I love to see others' works, no matter scale or era!
Now, he's running another giveway (I wonder why so many people get into this madness!) and I would be a fool not to try, right? If anyone thinks the same and hasn't applied already,

domingo, 26 de maio de 2013

Wheels with Shrink plastic

You may think I went back to the 80's, but the truth is that it was the kindergarden's teacher who showed this to me a couple of weeks ago. If you don't know what is ti, just google by "shrink plastic". I recommend the Youtube videos.
Some possibilities came to my mind right way! Making wheels was one and the first result is here.
It's not a quality result, but it may be usefull.

 I made 2 sizes: 2 of them about 4,7cm and other two were 5,5 cm. They... shrink.
 Those were too small, and I had one problem with that other wheel...
You can compare the result of the 5,5 wheel with a cannon wheel from an Italeri napoleonic set. The cannon wheel is bigger.

And the final "product". The process of "baking" may distort the wheels, and all parts will get the same thickness. So, if you want something with detail, forget it!

Hope you like it.

domingo, 19 de maio de 2013

Napoleonic Suiss and more SG-1 pictures

I've painted these guys more than an year ago, but on individual bases. Now I decided that all my napoleonic figures should be based in groups. These were the first and they are the 2 companies of the 4eme régiment Suisse. Which companies I don't know and I am not sure about the accuracy of the uniforms...
They were so well glued that I had to glue them as they were on the bigger base. Each base is 4x8 cm.

Now, Pascal from Sam's Minis World asked me for some more pictures of the figures used on that little dio. Here they are. Clic on them to zoom them.

sábado, 18 de maio de 2013

Stargate SG-1 dio 1/72

Hi there!

First, thanks for the nice words on the previous post.

I now strongly believe movies give a bad idea on modellers! I've "met" so many great people but in cinema, most modellers are sociopaths trying to rule or destroy the world! Well, most are, but just one tabletop at a time! :D

Anyway, I am back into action. Among other things (stay tunned for the next few days) I finished this little dio about SG-1.
January was the month to start new groupbuilds at Modelismo na Net and one of them was Sci-fi (in movies and TV shows). Excellent works already done!
These are my final photos. Figures from Caesar (US Modern Army) and Italeri's NATO pilots and ground crew. The result was not what I intended at first but, hey, I had to try!

Trees and all other stuff from my own making, including that crude DHD...

 The side of the base, small flat rocks (Chlorite schist, I think) from a recent trip.... 

Hope you like it!

segunda-feira, 6 de maio de 2013

Proof of life

I know that my deluded few followers may question my absense so I am posting here today just to say that I am still alive (and painting? err...).

I have been (still am) feeling a bit down, being unemployed for such a long time and having no perspectives of getting a new job anytime soon... So, first of all, if you need something translated from Portuguese to English or the other way around and are looking for someone to do it, I can be your guy!

Well, I haven't been completly absent of the hobby. I am with a small project that takes small advances every day (or two days), and I tryed doing tents for my medieval figures. Also, two ships that were "comissioned" by my son but I think on them as sketches... 

This schooner (please...) got through the playing adventures all around the house, the bath time (remember I have to build a sub for the kid!) and this afternoon at the beach!! However, when I was getting it out of the car, the door closed and broke one mast! Not epic!!

I have many projects going on, so I need to snap out of this lethargy and start painting figures again! I mean, so much free time and no figures?!!