segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2012

Just a cart...

Era tempo de acabar alguma coisa das que ficou em cima da mesa no final de 2011.
Neste caso, uma carroça feita com sobras do kit Hussites da Miniart. Faltava-me um animal para o puxar porque não queria usar cavalos. Obrigado ao Pascal, do blogue por me ter cedido alguns bovinos!

It was about time that I came out with some work, right?
It's only a cart that I started in November, using spares from the Hussites box from Miniart. I was missing an animal to pull it but Pascal saved me! Thanks!

7 comentários:

  1. Pascal has some great solutions to things.
    Looks really good. Well done for getting the fork to attach to the pole

  2. Thanks, Paul. But the fork is an awful job! Pictures don't show quite how bad it is! :P

  3. Hi!

    İn compare to my work yours is more creative!

    Well done!

    For contrast:

  4. Modelmaker, yours seem to be unfinished (unpainted), just that.
    I'm creative as far as the lack of materials allow me! ;)

  5. Very nice! The subject, the figs and the base!

  6. Muito bom David, a base ficou realista e o conjunto está bem pintado ;-)

  7. I like your cart, David!
    happy to see those old ATLANTIC's ox ! never thought that he can be used for a cart!
    (I put this idea in a corner: it could be useful!)