quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2012

My russian(ish) army - Infantry

These are the last figures for now.
The Strelets and Mars's figures for the levy:

Últimas figuras para já.
Figuras da Strelets e da Mars:

(I decided to have heraldy related with my family names, thus a red lion banner held by a "former" Teutonic Knight.)
(Decidi usar alguma heráldica relacionada com os nomes cá de casa, daí o leão vermelho no estandarte que o "ex-Cavaleiro Teutónico" carrega.)

Zvezda Russians:
Russos da Zvezda:

The full group, ready for this weekend's games:
O bando todo, pronto para os jogos deste fim-de-semana:

6 comentários:

  1. Good work!
    wow! the archer had some bowstrings! it's good!
    and now: washes for the shading and it's perfect!

  2. The bowstrings aren't yet that good! But I'll improve the technique. As for the shading, maybe later.

    Thanks, Pascal.

    (You made me want to paint some LOTR figures...)

    1. for the bowstrings, I didn't find the good way at the first time! it will be easier the next time, etc.... !!
      Paint LOTR! funny thing and 28mm is a good scale for doing break with 1/72 ....

  3. I like them :-D Nice conversions and you have inspired me to get back and do some more fantasy medievals.
    PS...don´t worry about linking to your blog from forums...everyone does this on every forum I visit and only those who have no blog complain ;-D

    1. Paul: you're right !! it's the same on other forums!
      and if I must post all the pictures (sometimes 10 or more!) on forums, I'll only do that!

  4. Excelentes miniaturas :) Tenho que praticar na aplicação das cordas!!!