sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2012

Velha torre de guarda / Old watchtower

No princípio de Maio andava com a vontade de fazer uns acessórios para cenário do jogo Tempos Medievais, sendo que serviria de treino para as construções que iria fazer para o diorama medieval do cerco de Silves. Materiais: esferovite e wallmate.

Beggining of May and I was thinking about accessories for the wargame Tempos Medievais. Doing it, I would be doing some experiments before I start building the Siege of Silves dio. Materials: Styrofoam and wallmate.

E nestes dois meses foi o que consegui fazer. A bem dizer, a pintura e acabamentos foram esta semana, um bocado mais aliviada em termos de trabalho.
And this is the result of the last 2 months. Painting and flocking were done this week.

PS: Descobri que putty e esferovite não combinam!
Found out that putty and styrofoam do not work well together!

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  1. Ficou porreiro David, faz-me lembrar os meus tempos de Lordes of The Rings.

    Gostei, Abraços

  2. BEAUTIFUL tower and landscape!!!!!!!!!
    you don't post often but when you do something like that, it's very pleasant!
    I'm not sure that I'm able to do half of your work (and certainly half-quality!)

    (the knight on horse seems to be very good! did you have shown it before?)

    1. Thanks, Sam. You are exagerating soooo much!! :D
      It's true that what I like the most (besides painting) is creating scenarios. Imagining the enviroment and all that could have existed in a story...

      The knight is from Strelets Carolingian Cavalry.
      Watch the 4th picture of this post:

  3. Boas

    excelente trabalho, mais testes para o cerco....

  4. That´s very good. I like the look of the seems to grow out of the base...very nice effect.

  5. David, you did an excellent job on this tower and the landscape. Knowing that this made of scratch makes it even better. Nice pictures to BTW!