sábado, 24 de novembro de 2012

Waterloo 2015 - Nassau Chasseurs Company

Final pictures of these 5. I Changed the base and now it is a 6x4cm. Takes less space and doesn't look so... empty.
I just need to say that these figures from HaT really disappointed me (and I don't think of myself as a picky guy). But 25 more will be painted to complete the 1st Battalion of the 2nd Regiment Nassau-Usingen. 

As últimas fotos destes 5. A base tem agora 6x4cm, o que permite ocupar menos espaço e não parecer tão... vazia.

As figuras deste set da HaT desapontaram-me bastante. Gosto da marca, tem figuras excelentes, mas o plástico macio e, neste caso então, a quantidade de flash faz lembrar as cópias de Hong Kong com que brincava há 25 anos!

Ainda assim, tenho mais 25 para pintar para completar o 1.º Batalhão do 2.º Regimento de infantaria de Nassau.

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  1. well it is a pain when they don't include the right amount of figs, wht companies can't go just a few figs more to have say sets of 50 instead of 48, 43 etc really confuses me. then thatway if you ended up with 10 too many you could easily trade them off or fing different uses for them or in this case why not 100 instead of 96? just another pose.

  2. Nice change of basing! Looks much better!