sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2013

Castle Gate II

OK, now it is finished!
Some photos of the process...

Agora é que está terminada!
Algumas fotos do processo...

And the wall section is almost (I hope) done. I'm afraid the result won't be the desired because I have to rush it...

A muralha está quase feita (espero). Receio que o resultado não venha a ser o melhor por estar a fazer tudo muito depressa...

Where the harrow will work.
Onde a grade trabalha.

3 comentários:

  1. Well done David! I've missed the part 1, but it's really awesome!
    (You also could add some some nails on the wooden gate?)

    1. Thanks, Pascal.
      I was thinking doing that when I realized that there was a mark on the gate I had to disguise, so I've done these "metal bars" instead of the nails.
      Unless you are talking about the other side of the gate... and you may have a point there! ;)

  2. Nice work!!!! I like the details on the gate. that wall is going to look nice when it is done!