segunda-feira, 10 de junho de 2013

from all the modelers from all the places...

A friend involved with a community center asked me if I would help with Summer activities for teenagers, suggesting it would be nice to show these kids what I do as modeler. However, the budget is low and it was sugested that an emphasis on recycling would be appreciated.
I warned that I would be at the bottom of any list of "modeling tutors", but as I am the only one available, and I am such a nice guy, I said yes.

Also, the schedule isn't quite the best, as I'll have 4 hours with each group, but on the same day (morning or afternoon). I can't even think on something that needs a rest time before a second fase, like glueing and painting!

Anyway, I am thinking about having an introdution on modeling, wargaming and toy-building with a "do-it-yourself" aproach and using different materials.

I already have ideias - a plan, actually! - but sugestions/tips would be welcome.  

My plan:

1 - show some works / getting them interested (hopefully)

2 - show some of the tools (and advices on how to use)

3 - (finally getting the hands on the stuff) there's no money for a kit for each one, but a box of plastic figures should provide one or two figures each! And I have a few Hong Kong "versions" of WWII figs!
Anyway, that would give them an idea of what it is supposed to do before starting to paint a figure.
I guess I will leave one figure with sprue bits and have another already ready to paint.

4 - After doing whatever we can with the figures, time for scenics. Terrain, trees, constructions, ....

5 - Paper stuff! Junior Soldier site provides everything I need for this.

6 - If there is time yet, I am thinking on a naval wargame with DIY small ships. Living at the countryside helps as it will be easy to get materials for this.

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  1. Interesting project David !!

    If I could suggest something, the project could to paint some different figures (1 or 2, 3 etc.. it depends of the painter !) from a same set to realize a collective dio.
    Some of them could be more interested with the base: scenery, accessories, etc...
    Each one could be happy to do something with his own ability for a collective work.

    Maybe, the figures could be primed before or only a few of them to show the different steps.

    For the game, one with the figs could be fun too! but it's maybe difficult ?

    (It's not very original and very closed to your project , I know!)

    If necessary, I can send you some figures for your project, I've so many !
    As you know, I'm focused on Medieval, Wild West and Fantasy ....

    Good luck, my friend!

    1. Many thanks for your suggestions!
      I wasn't thinking on a colective work because I think that if they know that they will take their figure home they will be more interested that if they have to leave it in a commom place. But I can be mistaken and I will think about it.

    2. well : the figures could be just put on the base and not glued!
      It's also a way to see how figures could be arranged on the base for a better effect ?... and then they will take their figures !

  2. best of luck! I have thought of trying to use my position as a prefect to set up a group at school yet I don't have the free time or energy to actually get it up and running. also same problem with budget, try seeing what the others can give to help the cause.

    1. Sometimes we already have figures or kits at home and don't even remember or arent'a aware of the possibilities.
      And my idea is to show that it is possible to use things for modeling that usually go to the garbage. Not good for the manufacturers, but when this is the only way...