terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2012

Medieval figures II

Finally I could push this work forward!

Some figures are not even on my best but I felt a little dismayed with the figures themselves and again with my inability to paint some details in a right way! grrrr!
Found out how it was to work with balsa wood... and I love it! The wagon isn't that good, but it's just the first!
The horses are from Miniart Hussites box.
Not over yet, I still have to get a base for them!
This is just a preview...

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  1. Looking good. The bulls are huge eh?
    Quick idea to help painting horses or figs on bases. Get some old bottle tops, put a dab of blutack or better still the cheese from Babybell cheese and stick to that. They don´t spin and you can hold them very easily.

    1. The bulls are the ones I like the most. I mean, talking about results.
      Didn't remember using blutack! GRRR!
      I usually see the bottle tops but I've already wondered if the glue (glue!!) wouldn't make it difficult to remove the fig after painting... :s

    2. The blutack or babybell wax (I use the wax) does not really stick to the bases. If you leave them in the sun then the wax will melt a bit and then it´s difficult to get the figs off, but in normal use it is quite hard.
      You´ve painted the bulls well..i think they are very big for the scale.

    3. You made me watch some pictures more carefully. Yes, they are a bit too tall (to say the least). 3mm less would be right on the spot, I think.

  2. Very nice review. I like it how you made the wagons out of balsawood. The bulls are my favorites to!


  3. Very good work !
    civilians are coming from STRELETS/Linear-b "Roman Transport" ?
    agree with Paul and Peter : well done carts and bulls!

  4. The greater wagon is made out of balsawood. It ends up being bulky(?)... the balsawood was 2mm thick while the plastic cart has 1mm.

    That's right, Pascal, Roman Transport.

    1. A good trick to make thin planks. Take an old laminated cupboard door (the ones that are made using thin layers (0.5mm 0r less thick)of wood all glued together)
      Get a bucket of water, add some washing up liquid and put the door in. leave for a week and then put it in the sun. The layers should peel apart and you will have loads of small planks etc :-D

    2. I may have something like that...

      Thanks for sharing that!