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Waterloo 2015 - the Allies defending Hougoumont

I Corps

1st Division

1st Brigade

2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment of Foot Guards - Light company - 100 men

3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment of Foot Guards - Light company - 100 men

2nd Brigade (1)

2nd Battalion, Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards - 1120 men (Light company - 100)

2nd Battalion, 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards - 1170 men (Light company - 100)

Sandham's Battery RFA Brigade Royal Artillery(R.A.)  104 men, 5x9lb guns 1x5.5 inch Howitzer

3rd Division

1st Hanoverian Brigade

Line Battalion Lüneburg (detachment) - 100 men

Jaeger Battalion (two companies present) (detachment) - 330 men

Cleeves' Battery KGLFA King's German Legion 138 men, 5x9lb guns 1x5.5 inch Howitzer

2nd Netherlands Division (2e Divisie)

2nd Nassau Infantry Regiment -1st Battalion (1e Bataljon) - 600-900 men

II Corps

2nd Division

3rd Brigade

71st (Glasgow Highland) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry) (1st Battalion) - 800 men (took part on it later in the day)

Du Plat's 1st Brigade, King's German Legion (2120 men)

1st Line Battalion 

2nd Line Battalion

3rd Line Battalion 

4th Line Battalion

3rd Hanoverian Brigade (2500 men)

Landwehr Battalion Bremervörde 

Landwehr Battalion 2nd Duke of York's (Osnabrück) 

Landwehr Battalion 3rd Duke of York's (Quackenbrück) 

Landwehr Battalion Salzgitter

Bolton's Battery R.F.A. - 100 men 

1st Troop Sympher's Battery KGLHA, King's German Legion - 200 men

Attached Artillery

I (Bull's) Troop, Royal Horse Artillery (R.H.A.) - 135 men, 6x5½" how 

F (Webber-Smith's) Troop, R. H. A. - 170 men, 5x6 pdr gun 1x5½" how

H (Ramsay's) Troop, R. H. A. - 175 men, 5x9 pdr gun 1x5½" how

1 - In the beginning of the battle, (as far as I could understand) only the light companies were in Hougoumont.

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  1. David, it's hard to say what regiment was there at what moment of the day. Sure is that whole day the defenders had reinforcements. Even some soldiers from teh 95th Rifles.
    And I'm not sure about that artillery neither. As far as I know they had no shooting range for them.
    Where did you get this information?


  2. Peter, it's a crossed info between Wikipedia, Hougoumont - Waterloo 1815 Les Carnets de la Campagne N°1 and Napoleon, His Armies and Enemies site.

    The artillery wasn't there, but being on the right of the Allied army, exchanged fire with the french artillery on that side. Or it's what I am picturing in my mind...