sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2012

Strange Spanish way of doing business

I went to a toy shop that used to have a fair amount of modeling stuff and, once more, I saw the ever smaller pile of... anything, the high prices, well, the disappointment that I am now used to when I visit that store. It's a big Spanish company (another one) working in Portugal, so I had higher expectations!

Anyway, wife sent me to a clothing shop (also Spanish, at the same shopping center!) and, already at the line to pay, a few boxes called my attention: plastic plane kits!
They don't have any known brand, the sprues don't mention the manufacturer, they don't even refer the scale, but it's "scale model"! Right! And include 4 small bottles of ink and a brush. And the price? €1. Yes, ONE euro! Well, after I opened them I saw that they aren't good kits. It's a starter kit, cheap, ok, but could be better.

The 3 available models are the P-51 (around 1:60 scale), the MIG-29 (around 1:90 scale) and the F-16 Fighting Falcon (around 1:79 scale)... Not easy to work with these...

For me, it will be a good training. And one can always use them for crashed plane dioramas!

PS: A fellow modeler pointed out that the MIG isn't a MiG-29 but a MiG 1.44 !

2 comentários:

  1. Planes?
    why not! I always intent to built a Spitfire, my favourite plane in my childhood...
    Spanish manufacturers seem to be expensive, I've bought some boxes of BUM for about 20€ the box!

  2. You can't be fooled for one euro a box. And like you said it's good for training!