terça-feira, 9 de julho de 2013

Another 2 giveaways

Again, a medieval army (don't know the side) for centuries XII - XIV...

You must be the 15th correct answer (I'm sure I was the first again! I hate this method! ;) )!

All you have to do is to register at the online store (this can be a downside for non-portuguese users) and answer the question "What is the year of the Royal Battle between Portugal and Castille?" The concept of "battle royal" may be different from the translation to Portuguese, I found it close enough but I am not sure. The original in Portuguese is "Batalha Real".

Anyway, it is a tricky question, but I will give a hint... like nowadays, early Spanish loved August in Portugal!

Second giveaway, click here:

BLMA's Millionth Pageview Givaway

1.000.000 !! WOW You can't get that many if you don't paint (and paint really good!), and I can compare: I added the counter about one year after starting the blog in the end of 2010, so I think that the real number, from the beginning would round about 12.000. Another 2 years (going back to the beginning of 2009) and would reach to 22.000. Let's make it 25.000 hits! Pretty far from a million!! Congrats, Big Lee!!

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