quinta-feira, 4 de julho de 2013

I didn't win that giveway but I have painted Helga... and Herr Flick!

That's right, somehow, I didn't win this time (was the first to answer) and the figures went to some lucky fellow!

Right, no Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies but 2 minor conversions of YKREOL figures to get Helga and Herr Flick (well, close enough).

 I wanted some an individual base for the figures but again, I forgot to cut that extra that comes with the figure. So, to hide that bit, I made a almost circular base with miliput. Terrible!
 The uniform isn't quite what Helga used to wear... 
 Painted these stockings 3 times! 

Herr Flick! I couldn't make glasses for this guy even if my life depended on that!
 Terrible painting! I got the desired effect (that's why I don't redo the figure) but it got bubbles that I saw only  after taking the pictures!
 The gabardine is not quite like the one Flick used to wear...

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