quarta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2013


No figures today.
This is just to celebrate one of our biggest (and few) victories over the our good neighbours, the Spanish! ;-) Well, Castilians at that time...

14 August 1385, after two years of conflict over the crown succession right, a small army aided by a "few" English archers, defeated an army much stronger (some say 6 times bigger, comprising the best Spanish fighters, some of the Portuguese nobility (traitors!) and French heavy cavalry) in what can be seen as a side event of the 100 Years War. Independence was once more

 So, we had an holy man leading the army, the English with their longbows and the infantry square...

and a baker-woman enraged by the Castilians (they forgot to pay for the bread?). They had no chance!
"During the night and throughout the next day, as many as 5000 more Castilians were killed by the neighbouring towns' villagers; according to Portuguese tradition surrounding the battle, there was a woman called Brites de Almeida, the Padeira of Aljubarrota
 (the baker-woman of Aljubarrota), said to be very tall, strong, and to possess six fingers on each hand, who ambushed and killed by herself eight Castilian soldiers as they were hiding in her bakery trying to save their lives after the battle in the town of Aljubarrota itself."

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