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Medieval siege troops and machines

That's right, not only the guy doesn't finish those bloody goblins and he is already doing something else!!

Yes, the goblins are at the same point and I have some excuses... reasons for that, one being this idea I wanted to see how it worked out.
I was about to start a "full scale offensive" on my medieval diorama... but life plays with us sometimes...
I've read a book I bought last year about the conquest of Algarve by the portuguese kings, and saw that the trebuchets used at Silves were of traction type (man-powered! also called "bricole" by the french), by both portuguese and muslim (defenders) forces. Now that I think about it, can't remember about the ones that crusaders built (yes, we had some help from english, german and... danish or flemmish (I've seen both "versions") crusaders).

Well, scratch built trebuchets, each different from the other, and the figure here is from Orion's Medieval Siege Troops. I must say I am pleasantly surprised with their quality. There's some flash, but the faces are really nice! Well... this one has a somewhat feminine face...

While the previous machine was being reloaded, the next is idle. No crew, nothing. 


The Sling staff was of current use as were hand slings (HaT gives us many slingers in their El Cid infantry sets!). I am not sure if this was used at Silves, but I wanted to include it in the diorama. It must have been used! Figures are from the same Orion set but one is from Miniart's Hussites.

Just fired!

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  1. Very nice models - love the movement. Best, Dean

  2. Very nice, a great work on this subject, I do like the movement effect on the vignettes!

  3. Great work David! Every piece is original! Love the last one the most! Full of action!


  4. The movement effect... superglue does that to the string! ;)

  5. Congratulations on a most impressive job! Thanks for sharing!