quarta-feira, 11 de abril de 2012

Russian Noble Cavalry

5 Figuras da caixa da Zvezda - Russian Noble Cavalry e um "infiltrado" da Strelets Carolingian Cavalry.

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  1. Very nice painting work!!
    I like the funny "dancing" horse!!!!!
    (really a Zvezda one? STRELETS did the same pose in the set "Carolingian Cavalry" !!)

  2. That horse is the Strelets one, not a Zvezda horse.
    It's a strange pose, but some time ago I managed to disguise it (on other horse) with hot water...
    However, you can see similar poses on the web! :O

    1. I saw in your comment after my post that it's the STRELETS one!!!!!
      It's really a strange pose! you found same poses on the web ??????? I W1ANT to see that!

      About the painting: did you use washes or other ?
      it's really better!

  3. I tried something close to a wash on some of he faces, but that was all.

  4. Regarding the strange pose of that Strelets's horse, googling for horse images I found a few that are close to what the figure shows. The figure exagerates a little... ;-)

    One example (click on the picture): http://www.petsintouch.com/pnn/11057/popular-horse-breeds-that-make-great-pets

  5. Nice and clean painting of these figures. The horse swap isn't bad either. Good eye for the details!


  6. psst how are the russians I gave you going paint wize... I like these

  7. Hi, Gowan.
    I haven't been painting any figures for the last... 2 months! :( The russians you gave me are going to wait a few more months until I start with them...

    1. David!!!!!!!!!!!
      wake up my friend!!
      paint what you want, but paint!
      your painting is good: you MUST take your brush!
      friendly, Pascal...

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