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Stargate SG-1 dio 1/72

Hi there!

First, thanks for the nice words on the previous post.

I now strongly believe movies give a bad idea on modellers! I've "met" so many great people but in cinema, most modellers are sociopaths trying to rule or destroy the world! Well, most are, but just one tabletop at a time! :D

Anyway, I am back into action. Among other things (stay tunned for the next few days) I finished this little dio about SG-1.
January was the month to start new groupbuilds at Modelismo na Net and one of them was Sci-fi (in movies and TV shows). Excellent works already done!
These are my final photos. Figures from Caesar (US Modern Army) and Italeri's NATO pilots and ground crew. The result was not what I intended at first but, hey, I had to try!

Trees and all other stuff from my own making, including that crude DHD...

 The side of the base, small flat rocks (Chlorite schist, I think) from a recent trip.... 

Hope you like it!

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  1. Very nice scratch building and your photos are good as well.

    1. Thanks. Though I need a proper place for the photos...

  2. I like the diorama: very good work David!
    (unusual subject in our scale: a very good choice.)

    Which figures did you use exactly? Caesar and Italeri ok but which sets? Can you post some closer pictures of them?

    And: where are the bads??

    1. Thanks.
      The bad guys are just behind Teal'c (running from the woods).

      Only yesterday I discovered that there are figures from Stargate at 28mm...

      Ok, Teal'c has a body from here (http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=1043) but not the head. One of the shooters (Sam Carter) is completely from the same set and the other shooter (O'Neill) is also from Caesar but the head with the cap is from Italeri/ESCI (http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=603), which bring to us Daniel Jackson, wounded and trying to dial home! But the gun is from the Caesar set... Not as complex as Paul's conversions! :D

      As to bigger pictures... I will try.

  3. really nice stuff! I usually avoid conversions for some reason. I will do some but for general work I don't

    great stuff though... I urr... never watched this show (or most other sci-fi TV shows) so I assume that this is a very accurate portrayal of the scene. :-D

    I like it a lot though so even if it isn't accurate I don't care.

    1. It's not that accurate, no. The great difference is on the guns. The standart gun used is the FN P90 (http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/FN_P90_Personal_Defense_Weapon) but the Casear set has the M16A2... also used but not often.

      So, I created a possible scenario where the the team has been sent to a (known) hostile planet...

  4. Cool scratch building here, those trees are amazing.
    Like it all, lets make more ;-)