segunda-feira, 6 de maio de 2013

Proof of life

I know that my deluded few followers may question my absense so I am posting here today just to say that I am still alive (and painting? err...).

I have been (still am) feeling a bit down, being unemployed for such a long time and having no perspectives of getting a new job anytime soon... So, first of all, if you need something translated from Portuguese to English or the other way around and are looking for someone to do it, I can be your guy!

Well, I haven't been completly absent of the hobby. I am with a small project that takes small advances every day (or two days), and I tryed doing tents for my medieval figures. Also, two ships that were "comissioned" by my son but I think on them as sketches... 

This schooner (please...) got through the playing adventures all around the house, the bath time (remember I have to build a sub for the kid!) and this afternoon at the beach!! However, when I was getting it out of the car, the door closed and broke one mast! Not epic!!

I have many projects going on, so I need to snap out of this lethargy and start painting figures again! I mean, so much free time and no figures?!!

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  1. You are naturally down due to your situation and you have my deepest sympathies. Enjoy the littlest of things right now and that will get you through your days.

    Those tents are just lovely and your son will never forget the time his Daddy made a ship for him.

  2. Sorry your situation is so bleak. I find that a good measure of my mental health is how productive I am with my painting; the happier I am, the more I paint! Don't give up hope!

    As Ann says, your son will remember this time with pleasure.

  3. The job situation can be such a draining experience and one I am amount to experience myself!

  4. Thank you all!

    When I do these things for my kid and watch the pleasure he takes from it, I forgot everything! Nothing can beat that!

    Fran, I thought that situation would have been solved! Sorry to know. And I was considering moving to England!

    Johnny Rosbif, it seems I wasn't a follower of your blog... shame on me! Those Shilling and SHQ figures you painted are just awsome!

    Back to my post, I think anyone can see it, but I forgot to mention, the tents are made of kitchen paper and white glue. I try to use as much recycled materials as I can.

  5. I know how you feel. I am also unemployed at the Moment and it´s no you say, lots of time to painr but no Money for figs etc. I´m trying to re-use or use up figs that I´ve got stored but how Long that will last I don´t know :-(

    Nice tents and I like the idea for the boat..Looks like fun :-D