sexta-feira, 31 de maio de 2013

More Foot Guards and some crazy blogger's giveaway

2 light companies (10 figures) from the 2nd Batt. 2nd Regiment Foot Guards and 2nd Batt. 3rd Reg. Foot Guards.
The first figure is from HaT's British Peninsular Infantry, and there are a few from A Call to Arms and the others from ESCI.
Back to that officer, I painted him as a surgeon, but the jacket is not exactly the same... I don't know which rank is supposed to represent, but he will be the surgeon present at Hougoumont during the firts moments of Waterloo.
Now, I am doing the bases.

No, I am not! I've been jumping from blog to blog... And found Exiles Wargames Painter.
Not that I paint the same things Mr. James Brewerton does, but I love to see others' works, no matter scale or era!
Now, he's running another giveway (I wonder why so many people get into this madness!) and I would be a fool not to try, right? If anyone thinks the same and hasn't applied already,

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  1. looking really nice! those Brits look fantastic and as for the give away... good on him for his kind heart. still not my scale either so nothing of interest for me.